Energy Efficient Lights

Energy Efficient Lights come in many shapes and forms in this day and age as we are all looking for ways to use our lighting more effectively. Effectiveness is affected by all light sources and fixtures chosen.

Things to consider are as follows:

  • Multiple switches - to control the number of lights used at one time, one switch for one room with multiple lights is extremely inefficient.
  • Motion sensors – to come on automatically when you enter a room and turn off when you leave. Motion sensors can also be used in walk in pantries when your arms are full.  Young children s rooms when they are not quiet tall enough to reach the switch. Hallways so when getting up in the night for any reason for children, elderly and disabled they can see their way.
  • Using timers - and daylight controls for security lighting for all housing configurations
  • Using solar lighting – for all outside garden and security lighting needs, that come in a variety of wall lights, bollards and pathway lighting.
  • Globes and lamps - using spiral fluorescent lamps, fluorescent tubes, and LED lamps


The Light Company has a wide range of Energy Efficient Lights. Please give us a call on 6939 7977 or send us a message for more information.