Our Suppliers

Below is a list of our suppliers and their website which you can use to choose the lighting products that you desire.


Brilliant Lighting - www.brilliantlighting.com.au

CLA (Compact Lighting Australia) - www.clalighting.com.au

Compton lighting - www.crompton.com.au

Cougar lighting - www.cougarlighting.com.au

Eglo lighting - www.eglolighting.com.au

E I Distributions - www.eidistributions.com.au

Fiorentino  Imports - www.fiorentino.com.au/

Hermosa Lighting - www.hermosalighting.com.au/

Home and Safety - www.housewatch.com.au

Lights and lamps - www.lightsandlamps.com.au

Lode International - www.lightinginspirations.com.au

Martec - www.martec.com

Mayfield Lamps - www.mayfieldlamps.com.au

Mercator - www.mercator.com.au

Oriel lighting - www.oriel-lighting.com.au

Superlux - www.superlux.com.au 

Telbix - www.telbix.com